Cleaning, Polishing, Protecting Your Home Since 1906

The  Fuller Brush Company has grown from one man’s suitcase in 1906, filled  with unique brushes, to today's exciting
collection of commercial and consumer  products. From the very beginning Fuller established three basic rules: Make it  work..
.Make it last...Guarantee it no matter what. Today, over a century  later, these words still guide the Fuller Brush
.  Fuller’s reputation for high quality and product performance is second to  none. Brooms, brushes, wet and
dry mops, handles and high-quality personal care  items and accessories are the staples of The Fuller Brush Company.
Fuller Brush Catalogs feature home  and personal care products. Your one stop source for quality since 1906. The  Fuller
Brush Man Says "Don't forget our home based business opportunity you know  will be here tomorrow. No stocking fullerbrush
cleaning supplies, no minimum  monthly orders of fuller brushes to buy. Receive all Fuller Brush Products at  wholesale for
yourself and have your customer orders drop-shipped with no  hassles for you !

Fuller Brush’s 500,000  square foot plant was completed in 1973, and today Fuller Brush remains the  major employer in
the Barton County, Kansas area. After a couple ownership  changes, in 1994 CPAC Inc of NY bought the
Fuller Brush Company
and has increased productivity by increasing manufacturing in the much  under-utilized plant with
an ever-expanding product line including cleaning  supplies. They also purchased Stanley Home Products and manufacture
most of  those products and cleaning supplies. Fuller has even expanded their facilities  by another 100,000 square feet.
Fuller has run profitably ever since CPAC took  over. Fuller’s Research & Development team is constantly coming up with new
  specialty cleaning products.

The Fuller Brush  Company’s Sales Force continues to grow and to answer the need for  unique quality products, such as
cleaning supplies,cleaning supplies, broom,  foam rug cleaner, stain stick, drain cleaner, car polish, vinyl and leather 
protectant, lemon oil, cedar block, ceder spray,treated duster cloth, vince for  men, witch hazel, perfumed deodorant block,
instant antiseptic hand gel, liquid  air freshener, pre-laundry stain spray, fulsol degreaser, hand cream, utility  shears,
scissors, folding scissors,fullsoft, water softener, fabric finish,  delicate fabric wash, tire glo, tire glow,tar and bug remover,
window wash,  heavy duty degreaser and personal care items. One salesman's utilitarian idea,  acted upon at the beginning
of the 20th century, has become the livelihood for thousands of dedicated men and women who are  leading Fullebrush into
the 21st century.

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