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No Obligation, No Commitment, No Risk!

What can you expect?

  • No minimum orders
  • No mandatory orders
  • No quotas
  • No MLM requirements
  • Buy, Sell, or Sponsor only when and if you want
  • Business Starter Kits from $9.95 to $39.95
  • Special offers for new distributors, including a bonus worth $107.50
  • Sell via mail order with the Fuller Direct service
  • Sell online with FullerDirect.com
  • Access to the entire Stanley Home Products line

The Market

  • Everyone uses the products Fuller manufactures.
  • Eight out of 10 adults know the Fuller Brush name.
  • 1% current market saturation... 99% available.
  • Average family uses $50 in Fuller-type products monthly.
  • Millions of Americans are seeking alternate and additional income stability.

The Company

  • Established in 1906... trusted for integrity and quality.
  • Computerized bookkeeping and genealogy reports.
  • Toll-free ordering and service lines.
  • Full-color sales catalogs monthly.
  • Product and sales training to help your business grow.

The Fuller Gold Plan

  • Easy to learn and easy to teach to others.
  • Earn when you retail, sponsor, or both.
  • Earn immediately; discounts from 20 - 55%.
  • Earn bonuses on the production of your downline.
  • Small initial investment; unlimited potential - achievement of your dreams.

What Can You Do With Your Own Fuller Brush Business?

  • Buy at Distributor prices for yourself.
  • Sell to friends, neighbors, coworkers, family - in person, or by mail order with the Fuller Direct program.
  • Sell by mail order to out of town relatives and friends, even run a nationwide mail order business, without keeping any inventory!
  • Sell online with the Fuller Direct web site. Your customers log in with your ID number, and sales are credited to YOUR account. You receive your regular commissions on every sale.
  • Sell to small businesses, at swap meets, flea markets, home parties, & door-to-door.
  • Sell both Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products.
  • Sponsor other new Distributors to increase your commission level and earn over-rides and bonuses.
  • Do any, all, or none of the above. With Fuller Brush, every single aspect of our Fuller Gold program is optional.

What Can You Expect from Fuller Brush and Your Sponsor?

  • A complete, professional, business Starter Kit, featuring the Fuller Gold Business Manual, master catalogs, sale brochures, and lots, lots more. Start earning money from day one!
  • Toll-free telephone support from Fuller Brush for you and your customers.
  • Online Distributor Resource Center and Training Manual Web Sites exclusively from the DownEast Winning Team. These web sites offer tips, advice, help for new distributors, training manuals, and lots of information to help you succeed in your new home-based business.
  • 24 hour Sale Hotline from Fuller Brush, offering specials, incentives, contests, news and more to help your business grow and prosper.
  • Toll-free telephone ordering for you and your customers.
  • Delivery of product shipments direct to you and/or your customers.
  • Newsletters and email announcements from your experienced, Full-Time upline, offering training, tips, advice, and lots more - all designed to help YOU make money.
  • Complete support for mail orders from your customers with the Fuller Direct mail order, and FullerDirect.com online services. Your customers can order from Fuller, pay Fuller, receive their product shipment from Fuller. You receive a monthly commission check, along with a report detailing your customer names, addresses, and order amounts.

Ron Carpenter (Manager)
Distributor ID #0305146
530-308-2872 (Local Ca)
877-655-4630 (Toll Free)

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The statements made and opinions expressed on this site are those of the Independent Fuller Brush Distributor who is the author and publisher of this document, and are not necessarily construed as the statements or opinions of The Fuller Brush Company. Receiving a Distributor Kit does not guarantee any Income.


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